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"Upwind Drifter "

A bull moose can reach 7 feet in height and weigh over 1000 pounds. Surprisingly, despite its large size, it can move silent through dark, dense forest.

With massive head and antlers, bulls perform and an ageless ritual of thrashing and rubbing against small trees and shrubs. Broken branches and shredded bark are signs of the rutting season.

During this active season, this bull moves downwind and then doubles back (upwind) and can detect predators who may be on his trail.

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"Sunkist - Walleye"

Due to the short season of ice-free conditions in this area, Walleye growth is usually slow. The Walleye inhabit our shallow bays and rivers which are covered with submerged weedbeds, timber and rocky flats.

With their heavy, armour-like bodies, the scales of a Walleye deflect the sun's rays which penetrate through the water.

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"Only The River Knows"

When you travel by canoe and venture along our rivers, you may encounter the remains of an old campsite, tent stakes in the sand, or a canoe that has reached its final resting place.

When I encounter these sites, I can only imagine what life was like for our ancestors who lived in harmony with nature, who had respect for wildlife and the habitat.

What tales and secrets these sites must hold, and they are left to our imaginations - because only the river knows!

Image Size: 17" x 30"

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"Neechogan - My Friend"

Neechogan is a Cree word which means "friend", and if you have ever spent time in the bush, you will alaways be greeted by ths friendly bird.

They are so friendly that they have been known to feed from your hand. Wherever you set camp, be sure this Neechogan will also be there.

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